Board of Directors 2017-11-08T16:15:40+00:00
Donna Lorman
Donna LormanPresident
Autism mom & advocate. Donna has been supporting the Autism community since 1996. Graduate of Partners in Policy Making.
Rebecca Noll
Rebecca NollVice President
Autism mom & advocate.
Angelica Taylor
Angelica TaylorTreasurer
Autism community representative. Angelica has worked directly with individuals with Autism since 2012.
Kim Chernow
Kim ChernowSecretary
Cheryl Joynes
Cheryl JoynesBoard Member
Anita Wilson
Anita WilsonBoard Member
Autism Advocate
Antonio Hernandez
Antonio HernandezBoard Member
Adult with Autism
Linda Lorman
Linda LormanBoard Member
Robbie Tierney
Robbie TierneyBoard Member
Ifuela Christian
Ifuela ChristianBoard Member
Theresa Silipo
Theresa SilipoBoard Member