Treatment of Autism

//Treatment of Autism

Treatment of Autism

During your information search, you will ear of many different treatments available for autism.  Some of the therapies which you might read in print or hear in conversation include: auditory training, behavior modification, dietary interventions, education programs, facilitated communication, holding therapy, medication, music therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, sensory integration, vision therapy, vitamin therapy.

Most professionals acknowledge that the treatment that has proven effective over time for the largest percentage of individuals with autism is a structured educational program geared to an individual’s development level.  Parents have reported that many other treatments, like the ones listed above, have also proven effective for their individual child.  Some parents will only want to try treatment methods that have undergone research and testing and are generally accepted by the professional community.  For other, formal testing might not be a pre-requisite for them to try a treatment for their child.

It is important, however that you gather the information concerning various options before making decisions concerning your child’s treatment.  You will encounter numerous accounts from parents about successes and failures with any of the treatment options previously mentioned.  You will also discover that professionals differ in their theories of what they fell is the most successful treatment for autism.  It can be frustrating!  You will find inconsistencies.  But, you can learn to sift through them, and make rational educated decisions on what is appropriate for your child’s needs.  Remember, you live with your child day to day.  Remember, you know his/her needs and you will come to know his/her autism,.  TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS as you explore various options.

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