Myths About Autism

//Myths About Autism

Myths About Autism

Many myths about autism exist.  Some are out-dates theories or idea which current research has proven false.  Others are broad generalizations about autism characteristics, which may apply to some individuals with autism, but do not apply to all.  Autism is a spectrum disorder, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe.  Individuals very greatly; each person with autism is unique and a person fist and foremost.


  1. Individuals with autism never make eye contact;  they do not look at you.
  2. Autism is a mental illness.
  3. Progress means that a person doesn’t have autism.
  4. Individuals with autism don’t speak.
  5. Autism can be outgrown.
  6. Individuals with autism cannot learn.
  7. Underneath all of the difficult behaviors is a normal person.
  8. Individuals with autism cannot show affection and do not respond to physical affection.
  9. Individuals with autism do not want friends.
  10. Individuals with autism do not relate to peers/adults.
  11. Individuals with autism are very manipulative.
  12. Individuals with autism could talk if they wanted to.
  13. Individuals with autism can’t smile.
  14. Individuals with autism don’t notice others and don’t pick up cues from peers/adults.
  15. When a person with autism does not respond to a question/direction to which he has shown a previous correct responsive, he is being stubborn, non-compliant, and/or obnoxious.
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